Firefighters contain eyre peninsula blaze in west Portland

Crews were already battling the fXO 카지노ire and were treating areas where the structure stood for an evacuation order.

The first call from residents came in at 11:45 a.m., after firefighters had been battling the blaze. Two homes were damaged, one collapsed and the other was evacuated. A neighboring business was damaged. A number of businesses and homes were without power.

The structure was “completely destroyed,” Portland Fire Bureau spokesman John Stauber told reporters Friday morning.

“It looked like a big, old school. It looked like it had taken years to come up.”

Crews have used several helicopters and aircraft to help to fight the blaze. On Friday morning firefighters continued to monitor the fire, and also conducted a fire drill. They continued to search for evidence as weather continued to push the fire towards the north.

Pierce said the structure had no interior walls and was surrounded by trees. The roof was completely gutted. There were no exterior walls on the other side of the structure, which had no exterior walls, the department said in a news release.

The fire came within 10 feet of the top of three private property lines, meaning the fire was likely to move up along those lines. A number of commercial buildings were completely or partially damaged, and at least one residential building had collapsed, said fire officials.

The extent of the damage was not immediately known.

The house was located in Northeast 10th Street, the department said in a news release.

“There was no warning from neighbors,호 게임” the department said in a press release. “There was absolutely nothing that the residents could have done to help and no one had any indication that we were coming in for an emergency…. It was literally a day after the fire was first reported.”

Portland Fire spokesman Joe West said the agency was working with the Federal Em온라인 카지노ergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Oregon State University Fire Department to determine how much damage it would cost to clean up and restore the area.

No one was injured Friday morning from the fire, but five vehicles were damaged by the strong gusty wind.

The damage at the west end of the residential property line was less extensive.

There was also damage to the front of two buildings in Southeast Portland that were partially damaged by a fire last year, the department said.

“I saw one car flip on the ground with one of the rear windows blown off,” Mike Caulkins, a resident fro