Banana Jacks - Sugar Free

Banana Jacks – Sugar Free

So yesterday I mentioned two things in my blog post, one my Hubby’s love of Jamie Oliver and also my new passion for Harris + Hoole, the coffee shop that I have discovered and fallen in love with, so continuing with these subjects I bring to you my version of…

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custard cream bars

Custard Cream Bars

Now I am not sure how to describe these Custard Cream Bars, they were not what I expected, but you know me, I just love scouring the internet for new recipes, I love something a little different, but I must admit that the downside of finding recipes on Pinterest is…

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date slices

Date Slices

I am in snack heaven since finding Dale Kinnock’s book ‘The Medicinal Chef‘ and I am enjoying cooking and baking my way through his fantastic recipes. So far I have baked only snacks, my sweet tooth getting the better of me as usual, but at least these snacks are good…

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Bitter chocolate meringue tart

Bitter Chocolate Meringue Tart

This ‘Mad Meringue Week’ has been a little harder than I had anticipated, there is only so many egg whites that a girl can whisk and only so much meringue you can eat, even if you do have a ridiculously sweet tooth like mine, but I do have to say that…

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Chocolate & Almond Biscotti

I promised Hubby today that after the last manic couple of months I would actually take it easy today, the Children are all back at school/college, Hubby was at a meeting, house is spotless, so perfect to put my feet up for a bit and relax. Well you’d think so…

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Millionaires Shortbread Pots

My Hubby loves the Millionaires shortbread pots that Marks & Spencers sell and he has been on at me for ages to make him some, so today his wish has been granted and I have done my take on these yummy little pots of heaven, using Hubby’s favourite biscuits, Bourbons….

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