Beetroot And Feta Tart

Beetroot and Feta Tart

So Wednesday was the Autumn Equinox, its officially Autumn and the weatherman said this morning that it may go down to 1 degrees over the weekend, with the chance of a frost in some rural areas, but the sun is out and it looks like the perfect autumnal day out…

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Ricotta Tarts with Mint and Three-Pea Salad

I though I would continue the savoury theme with these delicious fresh and clean tasting Ricotta Tarts with Mint and Three-Pea Salad, I am a little late bringing this recipe to the blog, due to the laptop charger melt down I was unable to post this when we first made…

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Baked Sweet Potatoes with Hummus and Kale

If you are a regular to the blog you will already be aware that even though I am completely obsessed with cake I do try to balance my love with a healthy balanced diet, where possible I try to eat cleanly and Hubby and I are currently trying to lose…

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Elderflower dressed Broad Beans and Leaves with Burrata

So today I have one of my favourite Ladies in the world coming over for lunch, I have known her for about 20 years or more and I adore spending time with her, she just gets me and sometimes thats all that you need. We share a love of so…

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Pulled Pork Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

As you may know, if you are a regular to my blog, we recently moved to Kent, buying our first house after years of renting was really scary but also really liberating. For the first time in years we have been able to really create our own space and I…

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chorizo pilaf

Chorizo Pilaf

I am not going to put this Chorizo Pilaf under the mains category of Indian, Italian or Spanish, but in ‘other’, this is because I feel that this dish falls somewhere between a paella and a risotto, slow-cooked basmati rice with deep paprika flavours and even though I feel more Spanish…

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