Green Blacks

Chocolate and Strawberry Cake

The sun is shining and my thoughts turn to Afternoon Tea in the garden and of course scrumptious cake ! Recently Olly and I popped into The Cake Shed in Tunbridge Wells and are now totally addicted, the sandwiches and range of tea choices are amazing, but what is really…

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Bitter chocolate meringue tart

Bitter Chocolate Meringue Tart

This ‘Mad Meringue Week’ has been a little harder than I had anticipated, there is only so many egg whites that a girl can whisk and only so much meringue you can eat, even if you do have a ridiculously sweet tooth like mine, but I do have to say that…

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Chocolate Meringues

Chocolate Meringue Whoppers

Hello and welcome to ‘Mad Meringue Week’, every day for the next seven days I will be bringing you a different recipe and flavour of meringue, why you may ask, my reply, ‘why not’! It is Summer after all and even though meringues are perfect any time of the year,…

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Pretty in Pink

I am trying to get a head of the game a little and bake and write up some lovely recipes for Valentines, starting with this ‘Pretty in Pink’ Cake, of course you can make it any colour that you wish, but for this occasion I thought pink would be just…

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Strawberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake

My Son James turned 21 this week, any one that knows me, knows that James isn’t my biological Son but that doesn’t mean that I love him any less than I do my other Children, he is such a great person and I am so proud to have him as…

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Meet the Fockers – Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

My poor little girl is rather over protected by her Brothers and Myself and this week she had the unenviable task of bringing home her new boyfriend for dinner.   Even though we know she has grown up into a beautiful young woman, in our eyes she will always be…

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Fabulously simple chocolate fudge cake

As you know from my previous post it was my Hubby’s Birthday and our 5 year anniversary, also you will probably also of gathered by reading my blog that I don’t like to do things by half and Birthdays for my loved one’s are no exception.   I decided to…

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Peppermint Creams

Hubby and I have had a weekend alone, every third weekend we have time just to ourselves and its amazing, time to be just us and to be a couple. Normally this includes lots of lazing around, recovering from our hectic week, lots of booze and lots of naughty food…

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